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Factory Establishment Support Center


  • Location analysis on each business site and consultation on establishment procedure and related laws
  • Acquisition of permit & approval for factory establishment
  • Consultation and mediation services for the sale and occupation of industrial complex
  • Guidance on funds, environment and tax-related matters regarding factory establishment

How to Use

  • Jurisdiction: City of Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Pohang, Yeongcheon, Gyeongju, Gyeongsan and Cheongdo excluded)
  • Target: New construction and expansion (including startup) of factory, registration etc.
  • Consultation time: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Method: In person or by phone
  • Contact: 070-8895-7733
  • Address: Jungbu Office of Korea Industrial Complex Corp. (#164, Gongdan-dong, Gumi)
  • ※ In areas in the outside of the jurisdiction, consultation service through other centers (10 centers across the nation) can be provided through the Factory Establishment Call Center (1566-3636) and Gumi Center.