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Livestock Breeding Status (As of July 2015)

Livestock Breeding Status
Category Korean Native Cattle Milk Cow PIG Chicken
Number of Houses 418 21 28 135(30)
Number of Livestock 13,676 889 34,556 2,537,128(900,576)

Grassland: 6places-28.6ha

Inland Fishery Business Status: Total 19 places

  • The permitted fishing industry 9 (9 gill nets, 2 long lines, 8 angling business )
  • Licensed Fishery Business 10 (1 net casting, 10 fish traps)
  • Aguaculture 7
  • Naksireo-up 7

Livestock Workshop Status: Total 144

Livestock Packing Business (28), Livestock Sale Business (149), Livestock Storage Business (6), Livestock Transportation Business (3), Milk Business (18), Food&Meat By Product Business (1)

Status of public veterinarian appointed

Address Business Name Name Responsible District Remarks
121,2beondoro-gil Jaeil Veterinary Hospital Kim Man-jo Waegwan, Yakmok
89,2beondoro-fil Seoul Veterinary Hospital cho Rae-hong Buksam, Gisan
61,2beondoro-gil Mirae Veterinary Hospital Kim Gon Gasan
2,11gil Bokseong Yakmok Veterinary Hospital Kim Gil-hwan Jicheon
136,Jungang-ro Dasom Veterinary Hospital Park Cheol-song seokjeok, Dongmyeong

Status of Common Exterminations Team: Total 2 team(Gumi-chilgok Livestock cooperatives run)

  • chilgok 1 Team:
  • chilgok 2 Team: