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Status of organizations related to agriculture (As of ‘07.10 present)

Status of organizations related to agriculture
Name of Organizations No. of Member Address Remarks
Hankook Agriculture Executives Chilgok Association 370 161 Geumhwa-ri Gasan-myeon
Nature-friendly Agriculture Chilgok Association 150 776-3 Waegwan-ri Waegwan-eup
Chilgok Farm Special Products' Zone association 7 335 Haksan-ri Gasan-myeon
Fertilizer Business Association 17 275-10 Waegwan-ri Waegwan-eup
Chilgok Korean Cattle Association 80 261 Gwanho-ri Yakmok-myeon
Chilgok Nakwoo association 24 347 Gwanho-ri Yakmok-myeon
Chilgok Branch of Swine Association 22 370 Geumho-ri Jicheon-myeon
Chilgok Branch of Poultry Association 18 992 Yong-ri Gisan-myeon
Chilgok Bee Culture Association 36 972 Yul-ri Buksam-eup
Chilgok Livestock Industry Association 55 211-787 Waegwan-ri Waegwan-eup
Chilgok Branch of Veterinary Association 4 506 Sin-ri Jicheon-myeon