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Location and Environment


Chilgok is situated south-west part of Gyeongsangbuk-do and in the direction of south-east. It adjoins with Guenwi-guen, Dague Metropolitan city on the east while adjoins with Gimchon-si, Seongju-guen on the west, Daegue Metropolitan city on the south including Gumi-si on the north. It is also a vital point of transport where the Nakdong river flows through and an Urban-Farming complex that adjoins with great cities such as Gumi-si and Dague Metropolitan city.

The famous Chonsang Fortress, a battle field where general Gwak Jae-woo fought during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and there is the Gasan Fortress which was built to prevent Japanese invasion after the second Manchu invasions in 1636. It is also a battle field of the Nakdonggag River and Dabudong battles during the Korean war.

Its geographical coordinate is 128°18'-128°38'to the east longitude and the north latitude 35°52' - 36°38' with average temperature of 14.8℃ and 948㎜ amount of rainfall.