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Symbol Mark

Symbol The City that Grows with People, Chilgok
The initial consonant ‘ㅊ’ of ‘칠곡(Chilgok)’ is designed in a shape of a person to reflect the county of Chilgok’s wish to put the hopes and dreams of residents as its first priority. The symbol mark’s circle shape represents the harmonious growth of Chilgok and the shape of a person that stands proudly with its open arms in front of a shield-like background represents patriotism, peace and also the new future of adventurous Chilgok.

The will for creating values through coexistence and cultural harmony have been expressed through mixing various colors. The green represents the environment-friendly Chilgok, the blue represents the cutting-edge city of Chilgok as a leader of the ‘New Era of Nakdong River’ and the orange represents the young-spirited, vibrant city of Chilgok.

The initial consonant ‘C’ also resembles the Chinese character ‘大’ which means ‘big’, and this represents the city of Chilgok that is developing greatly, infinitely. It also emphasizes the great locality of Chilgok which serves as the country’s hub of inland distribution.

Overall, the symbol mark represents the vision for a beginning of a new century based on the great, past century.


Slogan The Country’s Greatest City of Patriotism
The word ‘호국(Patriotism)’ was emphasized with a circulating shape and two colors, blue and red, that represent the taegeuk(yin-yang) of Korea. The design symbolizes Chilgok’s history of patriotic spirits shown all throughout the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 to the Korean War. The circulating lines or strokes around the word, ‘호국’ were designed as if they are drawn with strong, soulful, brush writing and they represent strong mind and vitality. The circular ‘ㅇ, ㅎ’ of the word '평화' were also designed like the symbol of taegeuk using natural strokes of brush writing.
The image is a logo-type slogan with the emphasis on the phrase and it was designed to have a high typographic readability.


Character The Patriotic General that Protects the Country, Hoi
‘호이(Hoi)’ is a short term for 「호국이(Hoguk-i)」 and the gallant general represents the patriotic spirits of the city of Chilgok and many patriots who gave their lives for the country. The blue-red colored taegeuk headband and armor represent the patriotic city of Chilgok and it was designed with soft curves to show friendliness.

Natural Symbols

Maehwa Blossom

County Flower-Apricot Flower

  • The Noble, Seonbi(scholor) Spirits of the Residents
  • The Development of Chilgok County
  • Respect for Learning and Morals
Ginko tree

County Tree-Gingko Tree

  • The Strong, Steadfast Tree
  • Total Unity of the Residents
  • The ‘Moving-Forward’ Spirit of the Reseidents
White Heron

County Bird-White Heron

  • The Pure Spirit of the Residents
  • Clean Society
  • Environmentl-Friendly, Rural City
    (Changed from "Magpie" to "White Heron" on August 28, 2007)

The Chilgok people's song (Listen or see the lyrics)

Note : Conform to the Guidelines for the Romanization [Lyrics by Kim Kyong-man, Music by Ha Dae-eung]

  • 1st Part: My grateful hometown Chilgok with Mt. Taebaeksan spirit
  • 2nd Part: My grateful hometown Chilkgok, traditional ground with the legend of Nakdong river
  • 3rd Part: My beautiful homeland Chilkgok, the ground under the Mt.Yuhansan Yongbong
  • 1st Part: Let us realize the miracle of the Nakdong river in the rich land inherited from our ancestors
  • 2nd Part: Descendants occupied in creating new history, a new day has come with full of hope
  • 3rd Part: Our paradise of rich homeland will advanced into the future of billion years.
    [Refrain] Let us work together, this realm, our Chilkgok