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The late Stone Age

Remains of the late stone age were found in Seokjeok-myeon.

Silla Period

It was Palgeorihyeon or Bukchijangnihyeon, Illihyeon and King Gyeongdeok of Silla (the 35th ruler who reigned from 742 to 765 over the kingdom of Silla) revised it to Pal-ri of which become affiliated to Suchang-guen.

Goryo Period

It was revised to Palgeo in the early part of Goryo period and during King Hyeonjong of Goryeo (the 8th ruler who reigned from 1010-1031), it become affiliation of Gyonsanbu which is the present lord of the castle.

Joseon Period

In 1640 when King Injo of Joseon (the 16th ruler who reigned from 1623-1649) reign for 18th year, it was called Chilgok by installing regional military command and Gasan Fortress. In 1895 King Gojong's (the 26th ruler who reigned from 1863-1907) 32nd year of reign, Chilgok was re-entitled to Chilgok-guen which led to become a part of Daegu. In accordance with rearrangement of Buguen-myeon in 1914, it incorporated with 9 myeon of Indong-guen , Yakmok-myeon which used to be Daemok or ChilchonㆍGonsanhyeon during Silla dynasty and transferred the location of the county to Waegwan.

Modern Period

1949. 08. 13 Waegwan-myeon is elevated to eup (1 eup, 8 myeon)
1973. 07. 01 Incorporated to Gumi-eup, Seonsan-guen from Nakgae-dong, Buksam-myeon
1974. 11. 01 Opened Dongbu Yakmok-myeon branch office
1978. 02. 15 Indong-myeon is incorporated to Gumi-si
1980. 12. 01 Chilgok-myeon is elevated to eup (2 eup, 6 myeon, 1 branch office)
1981. 07. 01 Chilgok-eup is incorporated to Daegue Metropolitan City (1 eup, 6 myeon, 1 branch office)
1983. 02. 15 Following locations are incorporated; Ohtaedong Buksam-myeon to Gumi-si / Noseok-dong, Seonnam-myeon to Yakmok-myeon Seongju-guen, Agok-dong, Seokjeok-myeon to Waegwan-eup / Hwanghak-dong, Seokjeok-myeon to - Jicheon-myeon
1986. 04. 01 Yakmok-myeon Dongbu Branch Office is elevated to Gisan-myeon (1 eup, 7 myeon)
1987. 01. 01 Seokwoo-dong, Jangchon-myeon, Seonsan-guen incorporated to Gasan-myeon
1989. 01. 01 Sinjang-guen, Gasan-myeon incorporated to Seonsan-guen
2003. 07. 01 Buksam-myeon elevated to Buksam-eup (2 eup, 6-myeon)
2006. 10. 01 Seokjeok-myeon elevated to Seokjeok-eup (3eup, 5-myeon)